Photographers Statement

My work illustrates a need to find order in chaos with representation and creative interpretation held in precarious balance. I'm always looking to go beyond documentation, to elevate the image to a new level of emotional and intellectual vibrancy, to arrange and distill complex disparate elements into a dynamic whole.

I consider myself a traditionalist who embraces technology, and the move from analog to digital has been liberating, creatively. After 30 plus years as a professional architectural photographer, I have learned to recognize the moment that illuminates a project in it's best light. More importantly, my experience has nurtured a core intuition that helps me instantly pre-visualize the final image and capture compositions that blend grace and simplicity with visual complexity.

Every subject has a point at which its expressive potential is fully realized, and I strive to reach that point. At it's best, the resulting image is transformative, the photograph is no longer just a document, but a new and surprising re-imagining that transcends the captured subject.

Mark Ballogg